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All artwork images displayed on the website and Instagram channel are courtesy of the artist, and where appropriate, courtesy of their represented galleries or photographer.

All artists retain copyright and reproduction rights to their works shown via

Permission must be sought from the artists prior to any image reproduction or distribution. Exceptions will be made for images recirculated on social media, as long as the image is credited to the artist and appropriate parties, and the images are not significantly altered in a way that tampers or disguises the work.


All prices for artwork sales are stated in AUD, unless otherwise stated.

All prices are exclusive of additional taxes, and the buyer will be liable for any import taxes applicable.

All sales on the website are final. Buyer must pay the full fee via the website in order to secure the works, upon which the works will be marked as SOLD.

General terms and conditions apply for sales of work via PayPal’s secure payment platform. Foreign conversion fees may apply. Please visit PayPal’s website for more information.

In the spirit of solidarity between artists during this covid-19 climate, full proceeds from artwork sales will go directly to the artist. will not receive any payment for the sale of work nor are they receiving an organisational fee for this project.

In accordance with the Australian Taxation Office, does not have charitable status, donations and purchases, and is therefore not tax-refundable. Artworks will not be supplied with a tax-deductible donation receipt upon sale.

All artworks are presented online and on Instagram as accurately as possible, however there may be colour variations depending on image quality and condition of work at the time of sale. If the buyer receives the work and is dissatisfied with the condition of sale, they may request a refund directly with the artist.


Once the artist receives the full payment from the buyer (via the website), the artist or their representative is responsible for directly organising the delivery of the work to the buyer.

Buyers are responsible for the cost of shipping and postage of artworks, on top of paying the full amount for the artwork. may assist in organising shipping quotes on behalf of the artist or buyer.

Additional shipping charges may be required should shipping costs exceed 20% more than the stated shipping rates at the time of purchase. will not be liable for any potential loss or damage caused to the artwork during the transport of work between the artist and the buyer.

Should the artist or buyer decide to have the sold work delivered or collected in person, both parties may do so under responsible civic duty, and must abide by the social distancing government regulations enforced by their country or city. will not be responsible for any risk associated with in-person collections.

TERM CHANGES reserves the right to revise any portion of these Terms and Conditions, in whole or in part, at any time, with the changes being effective once published online. Visitors that view or buy works through this website must read these Terms and Conditions at the time of purchasing work.

For further information or enquiries, please email